Tuesdays at at The Rapids Leisure Centre, Romsey SO51 8AF
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CONTRAST CREW (By Invite Only)
5pm – 6pm
£7 a class (payments to be made in half termly blocks)
This class is for Street and Commercial dancers, pitching at an Intermediate level. This class is a performance rehearsal and technique class, preparing crew members for performances, dance events and competitions.

CONTRAST SENIORS (Level: Intermediate)
6pm – 7pm
£7 a class (payments to be made in half termly blocks)
This class is aimed At 13 years plus. In this class We focus on a range of styles from hip hop, commercial and musical theatre to jazz and contemporary.
The class aims to further develop techniques across the styles and to develop their performance skills with performance opportunities. We also now begin to nurture their creative skills, offering opportunities to work on their own choreography.
The natural progression from this class would lead to the company.

7.15pm – 8.15pm
£8.00 weekly (£6 a class if paying in half-termly blocks)
This class is suitable for adults who love to dance and would like to learn choreography in various dance styles from street to contemporary jazz and commercial.
Previous experience is preferable but not essential. This hour long session will be a great place to learn, be creative, relax, burn calories and keep fit in a friendly relaxed and professional environment.

Thursdays at The Rapids Leisure Centre, Romsey SO51 8AF
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4.00pm – 4.50pm (Ages 4+years)
£5.50 a class (payments in half termly blocks after trial period).
This is an introductory dance class for all pre-schoolers and reception children that like to bust their own moves to their favourite songs.
In this fun filled high energy dance class we will focus on confidence building, improving co-ordination, balance, posture, listening & responding, musicality, rhythm, expression and team work. We will have a weekly theme to focus on and will hold half termly class performances for parents.
Please email Hayley to book your childs place.

CONTRAST MINIS (Level: Beginners)
4.00pm – 4.50pm (Ages 4-7 yrs)
£5.50 a class (payment to be made in half termly blocks)
This class set in a relaxed welcoming environment and is pitched for ages 4+. Students will learn dance technique and performance in a variety of styles from Commercial, street and musical theatre. Our teachers ensure each student progresses at a level that suits them.
All Contrast teachers are DBS checked, fully insured and qualified in their fields of dance delivery.

5.00pm – 5.55pm
£6 a class (payments to be made in half termly blocks)
This class is aimed at ages 8-11 year olds with a passion for Street dance. In this class students will learn street skills and technique in the following styles: Locking, house, new jack swing, new wave, hip hop, lyrical hip hop, tutting, waving and crip walking, as well as commercial choreography. The class is set in a fun and welcoming environment and is pitched at beginner and progression levels.

SENIOR STREET SKILLS (Level: Progression/Intermediate)
for ages 11-18yrs
6.00pm – 6.55pm
£6 a class (payments to be made in half termly blocks)
In the class, we focus on each dance style that comes under the umbrella of street dance. Representing old school with Locking, new school with house, new jack swing, vogue, waving, crip walking and breaking, and current styles including tutting, commercial, lyrical hip hop and stepping.

£8.00 a class or £6.00 a class if payments made in half termly blocks.

This class is for all dance lovers that want a good workout while having fun, de-stressing and burning the calories.

In this 60 minute high energy class you will dance up to 5,700 steps to your favourite tunes while dancing easy to follow routines.

The class is held in a welcoming environment and relaxed atmosphere with fellow dance fans that want to have fun while breaking a sweat.

People that attend Hayleys dance fitness classes call them ‘Dance therapy classes’ as you’re guaranteed to walk out with a smile on your face.

To register your interest, please email

Hope to see you in class 🙂

Telephone: 07931 912512